by The Trip Trotter

Mexico is a great winter destination- for a plethora of reasons. First, there are a ton of non-stop flights from various airports across the US. If you only have a few days for your vacation, taking a direct flight is key to maximizing your time.

When it comes to places that one would want from a warm-weather destination, Mexico has it all. There’s the coast with magnificent beaches and guests can also travel to areas with a jungle or desert vibe. If cities are more your vibe, Mexico City is a world-class destination praised for its incredible art and food scene. Mexico is a large country, and, like the US, each area has a different feel, so visitors can choose the vibe that’s right for them. Can’t make up your mind? Travelers can easily combine destinations with domestic flights.

Culture can be found throughout the country, even in beach destinations. When visiting Cancun, taking a day trip to Chichen Itza, the archaeological Mayan city, is a must. I can even get you in before it opens to the public so that you can avoid the hordes of tourists.

The resorts in Mexico have come a long way. This past September, I toured 28 hotels in the greater Cancun area. I was impressed with the variety of resorts, the level of hospitality, and- most importantly- the food. More and more resorts are straying away from the buffet-centric model to having more a la carte restaurants. Resorts are comfortable and well-equipped to work with clients who have food restrictions or want to keep a healthy diet. Some resorts are even custom making baby food for their youngest guests. When booking with me, it gives you access to the Tzell SELECT amenities.

Speaking of younger guests, resorts are going above and beyond for these visitors, creating special amenities and impressive teens and kids clubs.

Safety is the biggest concern for guests visiting Mexico, but I’m happy to report that resorts took security very seriously. Even as a young, unpresuming woman, the resorts wouldn’t let me enter without the proper clearance. Many of the hotels are built like heavily gated communities, though long driveways make guests feel like they’re a world away from the gates and fences so the precautions don’t get in the way of the vacation vibe.

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