Cruisers can be choosers

Who says you can’t rise when you like, dine when you want, and explore as you wish? On an Avalon river cruise, schedules give way to whims, leaving you the freedom to do exactly as you please, when you please. Oodles of included excursions are on every cruise, from in-depth sightseeing to local discoveries and active pursuits…or add a Monograms land package to extend your vacation… whatever floats your boat. Sail with us and one thing is certain—you’re free to rock your style your way.

It’s All About Your Outlook
The widest view in the whole wide world 

Your view of the world is about to change—big time. At Avalon, we transformed ordinary cruise cabins into our one-of-a-kind Open-Air BalconySM, starring cruising’s only bed with a view and the space to take it all in. Pair panoramic scenes with the widest-ranging excursion choices in river cruising for an experience as wide open as the view. Sail with us and one thing is certain—your outlook has never been brighter.

We Get Your Drift
Eenie, meenie, miney, go!

Whether you prefer to paddle, pedal, paint, puree or ponder your way through Europe, one thing is for sure. On an Avalon river cruise, every day is an adventure and every adventure is up to you. Choose from extraordinary excursions and activities that speak to your passions and pursuits.  An onboard Adventure Center and Host will help bring it all to life. So turn viewing into doing and drift away on your custom adventure with Avalon.

We Prefer “Cruise Compliment”
(And thank you by the way)

Cruise Critic named Avalon’s staterooms the best in the business, and yes, we’re blushing a bit. But it’s only because we’ve taken such pride in bringing you river cruising’s only Open-Air BalconySM stateroom design, featuring beds with a view.  Rest easy (literally) as you enjoy bigger views, more space and 24/7 access to open-air cruising. With Avalon, the award-winning views are as wide open as the possibilities.