Family Travel Tips

3 Expert Family Travel Tips – How to Make Your Family Trip a Success

Being a parent will change your way of life entirely, this includes everything from your sleep schedule to your meals time to how you travel. While having children means a big adjustment to your routine and daily life, that certainly does not mean you have to put your next vacation and traveling the world on hold.

There are great classes to prepare expecting parents for their journey ahead, but there are no courses on how to travel with your kids. That’s why you want to ask your trusted Tzell travel agent for help. They know you and your family, your preferences and needs, which allows them to not only create an amazing vacation, but also advise you on what you should keep in mind when it comes to your little and not so little travel companions.

From an early age on you can take your children on a great vacation without sacrificing a memorable travel experience. You just need to know how. So, some of our family travel experts want to share with you a few clever travel tips.

Take Your Family on a Cruise

“Pick a destination where your kids can have some freedom! Cruise lines and all-inclusive resorts. You get some adult time and your kids get to explore on their own.” – Gregg Kaminsky (R Family Vacations, an Affiliate of Tzell, New York, NY)

Don’t Overdo It

“When traveling to a location that involves a lot of sightseeing, book a hotel with a pool. Sightseeing in the morning with an afternoon break at pool helps keep kids interested and not overloaded with sights.” – Christy Danforth (Tzell, New York, NY)


Plan Ahead!

“Plan childcare ahead of time. If you wait until arrival to book kids’ clubs or babysitters, you might find limited availability (or none at all), and there goes your grown-up time. Also, especially when traveling between time zones, be certain that you have activities that appeal to everyone scheduled for the first day or so when everyone is exhausted. Wandering around London in a haze with tired kids and frustrated parents is not the right way to start a summer trip to Europe. Plan ahead!” – Henley Vazquez (Passported, an Affiliate of Tzell, New York, NY)