This article was originally posted on the 127 Travel website and featured in Gay 50 Plus Magazine and Vacationer Magazine.

Bali is one of those places we all dream of going.

Its magical mysterious spiritual power and beauty draws us in. I remember reading Eat, Pray, Love and thought OMG I need to go to Bali. Fortunately, my husband and I went for our honeymoon in August of 2016. And it didn’t disappoint.

From the moment we landed I knew we were in for something special, everywhere you go you’re greeted by the most gentle people who present you with a cold lemongrass scented washcloth to freshen your hands and senses and tell you to relax. As a gay couple on our honeymoon I didn’t shy away from letting people know we were just married, and yes we were a gay couple.

Never once did I feel unsafe, or looked at as if we were different. All of the hotels we stayed at treated us as if we were any 2 lovebirds on their honeymoon.

When visiting Bali there are different areas you must explore and spend your time in. I recommend going for at least 10 days. The areas that are most special are Ubud, Uluwatu, and a small hidden gem where we began our honeymoon in the southwest Tabanan Regency.


Soori Bali is a magical property with black sand beaches and no one in sight. It’s a private luxury retreat that says romance. The property is spectacular and so is the service and the food.

The Bulgari Uluwatu is a pure luxury at its best. The name is synonymous with luxury jewelers and they’ve carried that luxury throughout this impeccable resort.

When we arrived we were greeted by monkeys in our villa who really enjoyed our breadsticks! I don’t think I’ve seen a more beautiful sunset in my life than from the cliffs of Uluwatu that overlook the beaches. Uluwatu is a surfers paradise, and i enjoyed watch the surf and the sunset from the beautiful beach club.


Mandapa in Ubud is a sanctuary of tranquility Set along the Ayung River in Bali’s cultural heart of Ubud. This is a special place of spirituality and nature in the mountains. This was our favorite part of Bali as it changes you and in fact, it changed our lives.

Being immersed in the beauty of nature and the peace made my husband and I realize that was what was missing from our lives. It was what led us to make changes in where we’d eventually call home.

Everywhere we went the hospitality and gentleness of the Balinese people touched our soul and erased the harshness from the life we encounter on a daily basis.

Being Gay here in Bali was not something that crossed our minds as we encountered other gay people, and the spiritual refuge of this island creates a safe place for all. We were even lucky enough to have a Hindu priest bless us and our marriage vows.

I can’t recommend this destination enough for anyone and everyone all are welcome and all treated to an escape. The island has amazing hotels, food, nature, temples, beaches, monkeys, and generous people.


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