“Expedition cruising is exploding,” says Stephanie Serino, a Tzell cruise expert.

“There are some really interesting itineraries that are beginning to open up. For example, Silversea Expeditions offers a few Madagascar itineraries and several cruises which visit Borneo (where they introduce you to Dr. Birute Galdikas at Camp Leakey where you can observe orangutans!). What’s great about these itineraries,” says Stephanie “is that suppliers are picking destinations that are often difficult to explore by land and that don’t have a lot of infrastructure to accommodate travelers.” In other words, thanks to expedition ships, being an intrepid traveler no longer means having to be uncomfortable.

More ships are exploring the Polar regions and the Galapagos islands too. In fact, the expedition cruise trend seems to have no end in sight, with all the major players—Silversea, Quark Expeditions, Lindblad/National Geographic and Ponant—ordering new purpose-built ships due to set sail in the next few years. Crystal Cruises even launches an expedition yacht in 2020 complete with two helicopters and a personal submersible.

Which brings us to the question Stephanie gets asked the most: where are you going next? “In March, I’m escorting a 2-week cruise around New Zealand with Crystal Cruises.”

Stephanie is passionate about cruising. For almost twenty years, she has been planning romantic getaways, family vacations and solo trips aboard the world’s most luxurious cruise lines. An avid cruiser herself, and a certified cruise specialist, her personal experience and industry knowledge make her an invaluable resource for her loyal clientele, which is why we turned to her to find out what’s hot right now in the world of cruising.

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