Aboard The Celebrity Edge Inaugural Sailing

By Eva Braiman

It is not every day that one gets to step aboard a brand new $875 million Celebrity Cruises ship just days before she welcomes her first revenue passengers. But that is exactly what a team of luxury travel agents and executives from Tzell Travel Group did. Setting sail on a technical trip from Ft Lauderdale, Florida to Nassau, Bahamas November 25-27, along with hundreds of guests from the travel trade and press, we had a chance to preview the delights in store for those who take their own VIP voyage arranged by one of our expert cruise travel agents.

“Before we book our valued clients aboard a new ship—even one as eagerly anticipated as The Celebrity Edge—it is important for our advisors to experience it first-hand so they can share their honest impressions with their colleagues,” notes Marni Becker, Senior Director of Cruise Sales for Tzell.


What Tzell Travel Agents are Saying

“The Celebrity Edge sets a new standard in cruise ship luxury. A vacation on the Edge will keep you totally relaxed from the moment you step on board. It’s like sailing on a floating trendy boutique hotel.  And the ‘infinite verandah’  has changed the game for balcony staterooms.”


Founding Partner, R Family Vacations / Tzell Travel Group

“I loved the organic design aesthetic with natural elements (including lots of living plants) but it’s not just window dressing. This ship demonstrates Celebrity’s commitment to preserving our environment. Not only have they eliminated plastic straws and stirrers, they’ve also dropped most all single-use plastics (including bottled water),  reduced fuel consumption and emissions, and created sensitive shore excursions. All seafood served is sustainably harvested, which is huge.”


Tzell Travel Group, New York

The Suites

Given the many onboard attractions, you may not do much more than rest your head and relax on your veranda, but the staterooms  are rave-worthy, with infinite verandas offering amazing unobstructed sea views. We toured the Edge Villa, Penthouse, Iconic [my personal favorite] and Royal Suites where our clients are most likely to stay and can recommend all of them. We were also impressed with the 8 ADA-accessible staterooms, featuring extra-wide doorways and verandas, special pull-down closet hanger bars and well-designed bathrooms.

The Pools

The central deck pool, with its in-water or deck lounge chairs, nearby bar and grill and hot tubs are the socializing and sunbathing hub of the ship. But don’t miss the Solarium and Retreat deck (available only to suite guests) for tranquil places to read, nap or watch the sunset.

The Décor

Many passengers commented on the numerous comfortable and stylish places to sit, relax, have a drink and converse on board. The furnishings are top-notch and worthy of a fine hotel. The neutral palette with splashes of color, the play of natural light, the artwork, floral and design details all around the ship are compelling and at times astonishing.

Food & Drink

The ship features 29 unique food and beverage experiences, crafted by a Michelin-starred chef. Our taste tests and tour of the ship’s galley and conversation with sous chef Brian (pictured below) found an immaculate operation and outstanding dining and drinking options. My personal favorites: cream of wild forest mushroom soup at Cosmopolitan and a excellent breakfasts (with green and white asparagus showing up on the plate) plus one of the best cocktails I have ever tasted “Spicy Passion” at Luminae. Marni’s favorites were the s’mores dessert at the Rooftop Garden Grill.

Insider tip: for guests with dietary restrictions, we discovered that there is a whole separate galley, oven, grill and cooking team who take care of passengers with, for example, shellfish allergies to avoid any chance of cross contamination from the main galley. Be sure to let your travel agent know if you have any food allergies and you will be well and safely fed!

Spa, Fitness & Salon

It would take a whole essay to describe the variety, opulence and tranquility of the offerings at the Spa. Inspired by the land, the air, and—above all—the sea, there is literally something there for everyone to heal, rejuvenate or beautify. A state-of-the art fitness center, bathed in sunlight, make working out [almost] fun!

The Godmother

Malala Yousafzai is the godmother of the ship and Celebrity Cruises is supporting the Malala Fund and Education for Girls Around the World.

What’s under the hood?

Not content to just personally examine the many room categories, sample the fare and test the onboard activities, professional travel agents also care about some of the most important (but largely unseen to consumers) aspects of ocean cruising: namely the actual construction, navigation and engineering features that allow them to safely entrust their clients to these massive vessels. We were lucky enough to be invited to tour the bridge and learn some important and interesting facts from [hottie] Staff Captain Matt Karandreas (pictured below), who participated in years of training and sea trials before the Edge was launched and why he described this ship as a “game changer”:

  • The cutting-edge parabolic bow, which slices through the water more efficiently, contributing to 20% greater fuel efficiency
  • 40,000 Horsepower engines and dynamic positioning
  • The stability—including during high winds & seas—and 3x thicker steel than previous ocean cruise ships contributes to the quiet atmosphere aboard
  • The ability for the crew to centrally control and storm lock outer bay windows when winds reach 80 knots
  • 100% wi-fi coverage; 3 GPS systems; video and touch screen instrumentation and other truly cutting-edge technologies that enable the crew to have total visibility into every inch of the vessel to monitor security and functionality
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