9 Wellness Resorts

Need a Great Place to Relax and Rejuvenate Your Body and Mind? Our Agents Shared their Favorite 9 Properties

At Tzell, we understand that selfcare and overall wellbeing is most important to lead a healthy and productive life. We know that stress is one of the biggest factors to impact our health and it is also most likely the only factor about which we can actually do something. How many times have you noticed that from the usual responsibilities that lie on our shoulders, it has been you who added more strain to yourself by stressing over the little things in life? Maybe it’s time to change that and you can start by going on a relaxing getaway all by yourself or with your partner or a friend.

Whether you need to take a break because you have had a stressful year already, or you just want to escape your daily routine to pamper yourself and relax, we at Tzell Travel Group and our best-in-class luxury travel agents know the right places where you can rejuvenate your senses and come back home a better self. Regardless of your preference or activity level, our agents’ recommendations are perfect for anyone who is looking for a tranquil retreat.

Here are just a few great places for you to look at and get inspired for your next spa and wellness vacation:

Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor in Siem Reap, Cambodia

The country of Cambodia is mostly Buddhist, and the city of Siem Reap is home to Angkor Wat, an almost indescribably beautiful temple complex, the largest of its type in the world. Watching sunrise at Angor Wat is a lifetime highlight. In the heart of this magical area is Raffles Grand Hotel d’Angkor, a 5-star resort that looks and feels as if it belongs in the movie Casablanca. Within the hotel is a world class spa, an amazingly gracious staff, and a huge pool in a peaceful and bucolic setting. – Sammy Rabin (Tzell Travel Group, New Jersey)

Terranea, Palos Verdes, CA

Terranea is a great luxury resort for wellness and it seems like not a lot of people know about this wonderful place right on the cliff by the ocean. When I visited, there were a lot of families with children, which makes this place a great family resort too. It has great wellness and spa options, adult pool, stand-up paddle boards and kayaks, spin classes right on the cliff by the Pacific Ocean with dolphins jumping in the water, yoga classes also right by the ocean. – Tom Schmidt (Tzell Travel Group, New York)


Here you can indulge, challenge, renew, and improve yourself. Indulge in gourmet food with farm-fresh ingredient and unwind with a glass of wine or a signature cocktail after a rejuvenating day. Challenge yourself and push yourself to your limits with many indoor and outdoor activities, such as the desert tightrope. Renew with great spa treatments and heal your body by mastering your mind. Improve yourself, your body and mind, with many great meditation and exercise classes. This wonderful wellness retreat brings “imagination, authenticity and meaning to wellness.”


Canyon Ranch Tucson

Canyon Ranch Tucson in one of the most beautiful settings in all of Arizona, Canyon Ranch wrote the book on luxury spa resorts, and still leads the pack. It’s not unreasonable to use the word “magical” for this place. A hilltop meditation sanctuary is unlike any setting you’ve been in. Classes and workshops in almost any wellness category you can imagine, world class teachers for yoga and other wellness practices, and they’ve somehow found a way to make healthful food as delicious as most high-quality restaurants you would find anywhere.  – Sammy Rabin (Tzell Travel Group, New Jersey)

Body Holiday

I personally experienced Body Holiday in St Lucia, it’s the perfect blend of being in the Caribbean and great spa and wellness options, including amazing cuisine and restaurants, and great activities like hiking, spin classes, beach exercises, sailing, or just sitting by the ocean having English tea brought to you or even alcohol, which is a big no-no at wellness resorts. You get to meet people from all around the world and from all walks of life who love it here. – Tom Schmidt (Tzell Travel Group, New York)

The Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery by Sofitel

In Dubai you can have it all, adventure, heritage and culture, beach, shopping, nightlife, and, of course, relaxation and a way to return energized and recharged from your trip. To truly relax and pamper yourself at The Retreat Palm Dubai MGallery by Sofitel by visiting its wellbeing center where they “embrace the most organic, yet dedicated relaxation and rejuvenation experiences imaginable in the world’s first Rayya Wellness Center.” With over 360 different wellness treatments and solutions, you will get the help you need to rejuvenate and transform your body and mind.

Omni Bedford Springs Resort Pennsylvania

For those, who are looking for a great wellness retreat close to home, Omni Bedford Springs Resort Pennsylvania might be the right fit for you. “I understand the importance of wellness and being healthy. I recently had the opportunity to stay at the Omni Bedford Springs Resort Pennsylvania. My son and I were traveling from New York to Indiana and wanted to stop at a hotel half way. We did this trip during the bomb cyclone Jan 5 of this year and were happy to arrive at the wellness resort after a long, slow-moving trip. At the great resort, we got a tour and were so amazed by the treatments, we did some of them ourselves. We had a great meal and were rejuvenated for our next day’s drive to Indiana.” – Tom Schmidt (Tzell Travel Group, New York)

Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa

Where other than at the Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa Beachside by the Riviera Maya can you enjoy relaxing spa and wellness program combined with jungle mystery? This great resort is settled in the middle of 200 acres of lavish landscape and the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Whether you want to relax in a hammock while listening to the cheerful songs of tropical birds and the peace and natural beauty this destination has to offer. You can immerse yourself as much or as little as you like and enjoy the magnificent colors of the flowers in the jungle or stroll along the white sand beaches just before your first yoga class or spa treatment at the Kinan Spa. The treatments come from ancient rituals and a holistic healing approach, such as the traditional Temazcal ceremonies that will help you to detox and purify your body. In many of its treatments, the spa incorporates honey from stingless Melipona bees and that is known for its strong antimicrobial properties.

Park Hyatt Mallorca

At Park Hyatt Mallorca you will have the chance to enjoy an exceptional spa day at Serenitas Spa. Drawing on Mallorca’s rich history and cultural heritage, and inspired by the local culture, tranquility of the beautiful island, itself, the spa is a true oasis of relaxation and serenity for those who understand the importance of self-care. Serenitas Spa offers everything you can imagine for a relaxing and energizing experience with treatments – both single and couple treatments – individually tailored treatments, including facials, pain and tension alleviating massages, Himalayan salt saunas, sensory showers, an outdoor vitality pool, and salon services. You might want to check out the alpha quartz sand bed as well as the single or couple treatment suites with relaxing bed, terrace, and bath.