6 Green Hotels in the US

6 Eco-Friendly Hotels in the United States

Every year at the end of April, we celebrate Earth Day to demonstrate support for environmental protection. That’s the reason why we have devoted the entire month of April to green travel. Not only for this month, but throughout the year, travelers can make a difference and reduce their impact on the environment by checking in to some of our favorite green hotels and resorts.

Responsible travelers should ask their trusted travel advisor to make sure that a property does its best to reduce its carbon footprint and has certain certifications, such as LEED Certification within the U.S. We would like to recommend a few of our favorite choices within the U.S. that focus on a quality experience and luxury and allow you to enjoy a great vacation while still making a difference for the environment.

Take a look at six great hotels on the West and East Coast of the U.S. to inspire your next trip or staycation that provides you with a luxurious and greener travel experience.

Terranea, Palos Verdes, CA

Terranea is located on a 102-acre private peninsula and surrounded by the calming waves of the Pacific Ocean, which will make guests feel as if they have just entered a whole new world, while merely being a few minutes from busy Los Angeles. The property embraces its Mediterranean heritage by incorporating it into its architecture and invites its guests to its stunning outdoor gardens, private terraces, and courtyards with outdoor fireplaces – all while keeping the unspoiled beauty of California’s coast.

Following its ecological sustainable philosophy, Terranea goes above and beyond to protect its unique environment and preserve “one of Southern California’s most scenic and coveted coastlines for future generations.” Committed to minimizing its environmental footprint by adhering to strict eco-friendly practices and measured that improve wildlife and its habitat, protect open space, and enhance the local water quality through ponds and vegetated wetland channels. Its sustainable efforts also include food waste recycling, reusing structural and raw materials and preserving about 45 mature 50-year-old trees during construction, incorporating seasonal dining menus and plant-based dishes with less processed and only local ingredients and produce and herbs directly grown in the Chef’s Garden, and using natural and organic pest control and harvesting only what is needed.

The resort also encourages guests to embrace environmentally friendly practices through many great conservation programs and educational activities. You will love exploring the beautiful area on a tour. The resort’s efforts include so much more. You can learn all about it on your next trip and by asking your travel agent for details.

L’Auberge Del Mar, San Diego, CA

Let us start by saying that L’Auberge is a designated Surfrider Foundation, Ocean Friendly California resort and it incorporates green practices and sustainability into all of its daily operations. The resort is devoted to its recycling as well as its linen reuse program and using energy efficient light bulbs in all of its guestrooms to reduce the impact of diminishing energy sources. Even its guestroom key cards are 100 percent biodegradable and corporate groups are provided with a “Green Meetings Package.” The staff is provided with an orientation on the hotel’s green standards and throughout the year the hotel holds environmentally focused events to spread awareness and educate participants on best practices.

All of the food and beverages, including those served at the resort’s signature restaurant, KITCHEN 1540, are fresh, locally sourced, and guided by the principles of sustainability. You will be able to enjoy the delectable dishes created from local produce and sustainable seafood. Even when you get your meal to go, you do not have to worry since the restaurant’s to-go boxes are also biodegradable. The kitchen itself features energy efficient lighting and earth friendly equipment, and even has entirely recycled vinyl flooring.

Get a truly relaxing spa treatment at L’Auberge’s organic spa knowing that all products are entirely organic.

Epic Miami, Miami Beach, FL

In the middle of a culturally diverse, stylish, and energetic neighborhood, right by the waters of Biscayne Bay, EPIC Hotel sets itself apart from other hotels by focusing on environmental sustainability while still providing an unforgettable experience for all of its guests.

The hotel is incredibly chic and contemporary and allows travelers to enjoy sunning views of this colorful neighborhood from its restaurant, Area 31, high above on the 16th floor. Inspired by the sea and the Mediterranean, the menu features fresh locally caught seafood. Chef Alex Olivier – who is originally from South Africa growing up in the small historical town of Vryheid – showcases his love for food and travel in his delightfully created unique dishes. He combines diverse flavors from all around the world with local ingredients and guests can taste his passion for travel and discovering new flavors world-wide for his creations. The menu he creates is one more indicator to the hotel’s commitment to sustainability. All ingredients are locally sourced, and he enjoys introducing people to exotic flavors and ingredients from his upbringing in South Africa and those he discovered through his travels.

1 Hotel South Beach, Miami Beach, FL

Originally built in 1925 and standing 18 stories tall, in 2015, 1 Hotel South Beach was transformed into sustainable and chic property designed with a simple message in mind, “allow humans to reconnect with the most authentic and awe-inspiring experience—nature.” Nature strongly influences the hotel guests’ way how they sleep, relax, eat, interact with each other and, most importantly, the way they feel. That’s why the hotel’s design is nature-inspired to create a healthy and service-focused environment for all visitors. Whenever possible, all materials that are used for construction and fixtures are either regional, reclaimed, or repurposed. You can spot this at the beds’ headboards, the planters that are created from its original boardwalk, or guestroom door handles crafted from reclaimed driftwood. Most stunning is the hotel’s monument made of 7,500 pounds of local Florida coral stone. In the lobby you can find the farmstand where you can get fresh locally grown produce and the hotel also maintains an herb garden at Beachcraft used for amazing cocktails and dishes.

Another way the hotel manages to stay sustainable is by carefully orchestrating all operations to minimize its carbon footprint. This includes leveraging local resources, conserving non-renewable resources, mitigating paper consumption, and reducing waste.

1 Hotel Central Park, Manhattan, NY

Since we love 1 Hotel South Beach in Miami Beach, we cannot leave its New York locations from our list of favorite green properties. Just as its sister property in Miami, 1 Hotel Central Park is a luxury lifestyle hotel inspired by nature and committed to cultivating the best of eco-conscious design and sustainable architecture combined with luxury, comfort and impeccable service. Launched in 2015, the hotel was based on a very simple but ingenious idea that “those that travel the world also care about it.”

Through its industrial architecture and usage of natural materials like wood, brick, stone, marble, and glass, all from local suppliers, guests can feel how nature is present in every corner of the hotel. When you arrive, you will first notice the 16,000 twigs artfully entrenched into the steel doors to welcoming you with its rustic and natural charm. Take a look around the lobby, restaurant, hallways, and your room and find all the small details like how unique each floor number is created from repurposed materials and revealed as the elevator door open.

You can experience the hotel’s commitment to sustainability through its culinary partnerships. 1 Central Park’s incredible restaurant, Jams, is headed by no other than famous Chef Jonathan Waxman. Committed to using local, market-fresh, and organic ingredients, Jams offers local and seasonal cuisine every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner and its bar menu is available throughout the day.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, Brooklyn, NY

Just a borough away from 1 Hotel Central Park is 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, which was launched only in late 2016. Here you can spend a beautiful and guilt-free staycation by the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, right at the waterfront with stunning views of the Manhattan skyline and great service. To make your trip as green as possible in a bustling city like New York City, walk or take a Citi bike as much as possible. You can also visit Brooklyn’s farmers’ markets to support local business or stroll through the parks or Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, just like its sister properties in Manhattan and South Beach, is known for its eco-luxury philosophy and natural, eco-conscious designs focusing on sustainable practices. As you enter the hotel, you will be greeted by a stunning 25-foot green wall, which was installed to reference the impact of hurricane Sandy in 2012 as the hotel is right in the middle of the flood zone.

All of the hotel’s furniture, art, and installments are created and manufactured by Brooklyn-based artists and designers. Starting with small steps, such as placing chalkboard next to the bed instead of notepads or using hangers made from recycled paper, the hotel shows its devotion to reducing its impact on the environment. All rooms feature faucets with filtered water to reduce the plastic waste of drinking from one-use water bottles.