5 Travel Myths Debunked

5 Travel Myths Debunked: Taking Children on Vacation

Even in this day and age, you might hear some myths and misconceptions about travelling with children. While we, at Tzell Travel Group, recommend you should forget these myths immediately, we also understand that taking your children on vacation is not the same as if you plan an adventurous getaway with your partner. But that does not mean you will have a less fabulous and memorable experience! With your little ones, you get the chance to discover the world together and in a different way you have before.

You and your children should not miss out on such memorable experiences and that’s why we have asked our best-in-class travel agents what myths they have heard and how they really feel about them.

Myth 1: Only big resorts are kid-friendly.

Reality: “If you want something personalized to your kids, you want to look for smaller hotels that feel connected to the destination and have a sense of place. The staff will have more time (and attention and patience) for your family, and you’ll experience the local culture versus being stuck in somewhere that’s no different than home.” – Henley Vazquez (Passported, an Affiliate of Tzell, New York, NY)

 Myth 2: Don’t take your kids to Europe!

Reality: “I’m a big believer that for the travel is education. I’ve never understood why you would take your kids to Epcot when for the same price you can see the real places. Forget “It’s a small world” go to London!” – Gregg Kaminsky (R Family Vacations, an Affiliate of Tzell, New York, NY)


Myth 3: I won’t take my children there because it is too nice, and they won’t remember it.

Reality: “Travel opens children’s eyes to new cultures and communities. These experiences help to foster curiosity and create an awareness of our global community. Many people often choose to opt for less luxurious hotels when traveling with kids. But most high-end hotels cater to families as well and offer amazing kids clubs or experiences.” – Christy Danforth (Tzell, New York, NY)


Myth 4: Children won’t appreciate the trip.

Reality: Travel is an essential part of children’s development, regardless of their age. Travelling together, is an opportunity to bond and allows children to learn more about new environments, tastes, cultures, and people first-hand.


Myth 5: Traveling with children is too expensive.  

Reality: Considering the great value of exposing your children to the beauty and wonders of this world, you will understand that travel is a great form of education. Investment in a family vacation is well worth it and with an experience travel advisor you can weigh your options.