10 Wellness Activities

10 Activities That Will Help you to Relax During your Next Trip or at Home

We have dedicated the month of May to wellness because we understand that selfcare is not a luxury or an indulgence, it is an essential part of our lives. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we will soon realize that no matter how much we love what we do – whether it is your profession or caring for your family – we can get to a point where we need a break from it all. Before we feel overwhelmed and stressed, we have to make time to be kind to ourselves and ensure that our bodies and minds can relax.

Selfcare can be compared with putting on our oxygen mask during turbulence on a flight. Only when we ensure that our mask is securely fastened first, we are able to help others who need our assistance or rely on us. Apply this idea to our daily lives: we need to take care of ourselves before we run out of air and risk being of little to no help for our families and friends or in our jobs.

At Tzell Travel Group, we understand the importance of being kind to ourselves and that often stress causes most of our health issues. It can lead to problems sleeping and falling into bad habits, such as overeating or skipping the gym or outdoor activity because we feel exhausted.

Here are just a few tips on how you can stay healthy and be your best possible self – whether you’re on vacation or at home.

  1. “Travel days anywhere, especially in cosmopolitan cities, can contain a level of sensory overload that we are not used to at the end of these days, usually late afternoon, I do a short 10 to 15-minute meditation to help “reset” my mind from what its experienced that day.” – Sammy Rabin (Tzell Travel Group, New Jersey)
  2. During your flight, by the beach, or even at home, coloring books are a great way to give your mind a break. The simple task of coloring page after page can be a form of meditation as you focus on the moment and practice to be more mindful. It also has the potential to reduce anxiety.
  3. Similarly relaxing as coloring is listening to your favorite mixtapes – preferably with songs from your teenage years as those had a greater bind to our brain than music we have listened to as adults. Listening to music has benefits for our health and overall wellbeing, including improving our memory and workout performance, helping us heal faster, and reducing stress and anxiety. So, whether you are brokenhearted, you want to pump yourself up for a run, or just want to give your mind a break, take 30 minutes to an hour and listen yourself healthier. You can start with our Wellness Playlist.
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  1. Another great way to give your mind a break, is keeping a diary and not worry if you forget a day or two. Expressive writing – writing down your worries, moments that keep popping back into your mind reminding you of a silly mistake you’ve made, or simply to reflect on your day’s work and accomplishments – improves working memory and seem to free up our cognitive resources for other mental activities, such as coping more effectively with stress.
  2. If coloring, listening to music, or keeping a diary is not up your alley, you can look for something that sparks your interest. Try a new hobby, whether it’s knitting, hiking, bird watching, or fixing up and restoring a vintage car, hobbies provide numerous benefits for your physical and mental health. It gives you a place to spend time, focus your mental energy, and to refresh and rejuvenate your senses for the rest of your life.
  3. “Whenever I get to a destination, especially a new one, I go for a run on my first morning. It helps me get a feel for the area I am in and clear my head like nothing else. It’s a great way to get to know a new destination and to get yourself centered and back to normalcy when you travel, especially after a long trip including different time zones.” – Sammy Rabin (Tzell Travel Group, New York)
  4. No matter where you are and what you do, make sure that you add short stretch breaks to your day and take a longer break and go for a walk. We tend to get stuck at work, doing the household, or even when we try to see everything there is to see in a new destination on vacation, but in order to enjoy our day and get the most out of it and ourselves, we need to take a few moments to reset and recharge. Take a week and try it out for yourself, you will see that after just a few days, you will feel more energetic and productive.
  5. It is so important to surround yourself with people whose company you truly enjoy. While you can’t choose who you work with or sit next to on the train, you can make a conscious choice about who should be part of your life and who is there for you. You have that “friend” that only talks about himself, or the cousin that only causes drama? You can’t and shouldn’t have to change others, but you can make sure to spend more time with those that bring joy to your life.
  6. Always get enough sleep! This can be very challenging, particularly for all of us night owls. However, try to work on creating a better bed time routine for yourself. Maybe try practicing deep breathing and relaxing your muscles before you got to bed. Avoid blue light and screens before bedtime and ensure that you have 7-8 hours before a gentle alarm wakes you. It’s important that you get rid of this stomach pain inducing, shrill alarm that tears you right out of your dreams.